Pocket Exotics Anal T Vibrating Butt Plug - Ivory

Pocket Exotics Anal T Vibrating Butt Plug - Ivory

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Made of firm plastic, the anal-t is inserted into the butt. Its gentle curve will reach all of your secret pleasure zones, while the multiple speed vibrations tease and titillate you into a state of uncontrollable excitement. You can even hand the power pack over to your partner so you'll never know what kind of sensation to expect next.

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Very Exciting

This toy is amazing. Once it's completely in my anus and it is turned up on high I just lay down and let the vibes take control and thrust my body into inexplicable orgasmic delight. I'd highly recommend this to all gay LGBTQ men and who knows, you ladies might even like it too !!

Anonymous - March 18 2024

Rai Irfan

Pakisstan Arifwala TCS Comrawla Chowk

Anonymous - January 30 2019

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